Do you feel super organised today?

Has the morning gone smoothly, as if you’ve had extra time to get things done?

That would be due to the leap second that got added on to our normal 24 hours today!

What’s a leap second, you ask? Well, a leap second is an extra second of time that is added in order to make up for irregularities in the Earth’s rate of rotation, and keep us all close to mean solar time.

Phew! I mean, I know I‘ve been feeling a bit out of sorts for a while, and here I was just thinking I had a case of the winter drearies. Nope – I now realise my mornings have been chaotic NOT due to hitting the snooze button – I’ve been feeling a second behind, all the time!

So Hills District Mums, what are you going to do with your extra second today? Are you going to make it count?

I actually spent mine jogging down to the motorway after my bus driver obviously forgot to add the second to his day, and arrived early, causing me to miss my bus. I hope that it won’t be this way for you all – there are so many fabulous things to do with your extra time.

You could spend a bit longer reading the paper and drinking your cuppa. Relax! Take a load off, you deserve it. Grab something nice to eat and pop the latest episode of Orange is the New Black on – there’s heaps of time now!

Or do something for yourself – perhaps today is the day to try that new eye makeup, or practise that new updo you saw on Facebook last week. A spray tan would be nice to banish the winter white legs. Or even de-fur them with a quick trip to the beauty salon.

Perhaps it’s a good day to spend a bit of extra time cuddling the kids. Hold them close – sniff their hair, and remind yourself that they’re only this little for such a short amount of time – a bit of extra time is just what you often wish for – today your wishes have come true.

All those things would have been great options.

If only you hadn’t just spent your extra time reading this article.