We’ve all been there. Sitting across the table from someone at lunch and they have a massive piece of spinach stuck between their teeth. A friend with a booger hanging out of their nose. Or the most awkward one, a friend or colleague with their fly down.   These situations are just painful. So do you say something or not?

Telling them is usually very awkward, unless they’re your bestie or other half and then it’s a no brainer. My mum is the type that will run 50 metres to tell someone that their tag is hanging out. My husband, on the other hand, is firmly in the ‘mind your own business’ camp. I sit somewhere in between the two.

Recently on a tropical holiday I was admiring how lovely a mother of two young children looked in her white maxi dress. And then I spotted it. One of her gorgeous children had stuck a sticker on her back. Buoyed by holiday vibes and a couple of champagnes I plucked up the courage to do the good citizenly thing and let her know. I sauntered up to her and casually said, “You look beautiful tonight, but one of your little terrors has kindly stuck a sticker on your back.” Obviously she couldn’t reach that sucker, which on closer inspection is an angry bird sticker, so I proceeded to peal it off in a further act of civic duty. It was at this point she recoiled and said, “Thanks, but it’s a special sticker to keep mosquitoes away.” Awkward!

Unfortunately for me, my hubby overheard the whole conversation and quickly disowned me, but not before I caught the ‘I told you so’ look. What my mortified self should have done was quickly apologise and make a beeline for the dessert bar. What my slightly tipsy and embarrassing self actually did was continue to dribble on for a good five minutes about what an awesome idea the sticker was, making the situation even more awkward! Deep down I was thinking what a stupid idea it was. I mean, fair enough, I’ve swapped perfume for Aerogard this week but at least people know why I stink and don’t think my kids have taken to doing art and craft on me.

I sheepishly made my way back to my husband who leaned over and said “And that’s why you should mind your own business.”

So are you a say something or mind your own business person?