Visit Base181 Studios in Rouse Hill on Sunday 11 February for its Ultimate Preschoolers Big Day Out – an adventure-packed day filled with dance, music, acrobatics, and even a touch of Ninja Warrior fun! 

Imagine a preschooler’s paradise where your little one isn’t just having a great time but also soaking in a mix of education and movement. It’s all about staying healthy, mastering those gross motor skills and big school manners!

Every child is unique. Whether you’ve got a mini obstacle adventure seeker, a twirling Lil unicorn, or a budding hip hop star in the making, Base181 has a program to match their vibe.

What’s on offer at the Ultimate Preschoolers Big Day Out?

A free and fun-filled day: Completely free of charge, the Preschoolers Big Day Out is your chance to experience the vibrant world of dance in a supportive and funky environment.

Unique teaching tools: Base181 programs cater to all kinds of learners. For the kiddos who learn through their ears, our music sharpens those listening skills. And guess what? The educational visual tools, like books, turn movement into a visual delight, making learning a memorable experience.

 Expert guidance: The team of friendly, experienced instructors will be there every step of the way, ensuring your child’s experience is both educational and entertaining.


Ready to go to preschool paradise? Click the link below to view the Ultimate Preschoolers Big Day Out timetable and secure your child’s spot.