Did you know that your personality might stand in the way of a successful home renovation?

So you worked out the budget, and you’re pretty confident you and your spouse are ready for the renovation to commence. What happens, if after only one week of renovating, you realise that there’s no way you’ll cope with another 4 months? Here are a few practical solutions to keep the renovation site a happy place, based on the types of personalities that might struggle with a reno!

Personality type 1 – the hard ass

If you’re known for your short temper, you’ll soon have a lot of enemies on site. If you quickly feel overwhelmed and can’t handle the stress, your hot headed attitude will soon push tradies and experts off your site. Yes, they work for you, but you need them more than they need you.

Hard ass solutions:

  • Speak to everyone on site as if everyone is equally important. They are! Even the experts on site needs helpers so that they can focus on their job. Be nice to the helpers and their leaders.
  • Think before you speak, because after all, you are not the expert on site. No, really, you’re not.
  • Always stay professional, never shout at anyone. (Except if your kids play with the nail gun)
  • If you’re quick to pick a fight, appoint a project manager to handle the day to day negotiations with the contractors.


Personality type 2 – the babbler

Do you struggle to make important decisions, especially if you’re under pressure and it involves your budget? Do you always tend to ask people close to you for their opinion because you’re stressed that you might make the wrong decision? Are you the type of person whose head literally starts to spin when you walk into a tile shop or have to choose between 5 neutral paint colours that all look the same? Then you talk and analyse all the options over and over again…

Babbler solutions:

  • Have a list of professionals on standby who you can contact for quick expert advice (make provisions in your budget for this!)
  • Plan to choose your finishes, tiles, appliances etc. at least a few months before the contractors need to install them.
  • Divide the decision making between you and your spouse so the smaller details don’t have to be discussed constantly.


Personality type 3 – the mouse

Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Would you rather give in than stand up for your point of view? Are you uncertain how to approach different personality types? Do you sometimes feel people don’t value your opinion? If you’re known to be the quiet one who gets easily manipulated and are too afraid to voice your opinion, then you’ll have to learn not to be the quiet mouse anymore. You have to make sure the project ends up the way you dreamed it.

Mouse solutions:

  • Appoint a project manager who may be able to contact contractors directly
  • Get used to hiring and fireing! It comes with the territory. Man up – who’s money is at work here?!
  • If someone isn’t doing their job  to your standard and needs to be replaced, decide beforehand which spouse will be the ‘good cop’ and who will be the ‘bad cop’.


Personality type 4 – the know-it-all

Do you believe that one sometimes has to bend the rules a bit to get the right outcome? Unfortunately during your renovation you’ll have to follow many regulations from Council. Don’t be arrogant. You might end up with huge inspection fees and fines.

Know-it-all solutions:

  • Trust the experts on site. That’s why you’re paying them the big bucks.
  • Put your arrogance aside and focus on the end result. If your spouse tells you that you’re a smart-arse, you probably are.
  • Remember, there’s more than one way to achieve the end result, and the experts on site probably know the best way. Your way is not necessarily the best or only way.


Aside from getting married, having kids or a new job, a home renovation is definitely one of the most stressful periods in your life. Don’t expect it to run smoothly every day. Just make sure that you respect everyone on site, and keep all the communication channels open. The happier your tradies are, the better quality of work they will deliver. It’s always better to have them on your side!

Be organised, firm and professional at all times. Even when you feel that a huge problem has just came up on site and you’re totally disappointed or overwhelmed. There will always be a solution to every problem. Trust the experts!

Happy renovating!