Join Women Want Adventure for the Women’s Blue Mountains Hiking and Yoga Escape—a perfect mix of 3 yoga classes, 3 stunning Blue Mountains walks (including the Grand Canyon Walk, one of Australia’s top-rated hikes), nourishing meals, and cosy retreat bush cottage accommodation in Kanimbla Valley. HDMs receive 20% off!

Balancing work, school pick-ups, community activities, and endless life admin often means sacrificing your own needs, including time to relax and recharge.
 Need a reset? Time just for you? You deserve a nourishing break as a busy mum, without the hassle of organising a thing!

Women Want Adventure offers inspiring and empowering outdoor adventures tailored for women seeking connection and inspiration among like-minded individuals.It’s often hard to get our mums’ calendars to align and finding time for yourself can be challenging, especially since having kids. Sound familiar? Remember your wild side that loves to get outside and connect with nature?

Yoga & Hiking Escape Details:

  • Dates: 19 – 21 July (August dates also available via our website)
  • Meeting time: 1:30 – 2pm on Friday
  • Meeting location: Kanimbla Cliff Top Retreat
  • Finish time: 1pm on Sunday
  • Grade: Ranging from easy to moderate, with the Grand Canyon hike featuring steps to add a touch of excitement to the journey
  • Yoga: Beginner flow and Yin yoga.


Get 20% off the Women’s Blue Mountains Hiking & Yoga Escapes for 2024 using ‘HILLS20’ at checkout. Limited spaces are available. Book here.

As you step foot onto the retreat, you’ll be warmly greeted by a group of like-minded women, many of whom arrive individually, seeking solace and connection. The weekend journey begins with a delightful afternoon tea, allowing you to settle in and unwind. You’ll then embark on a gentle cliff-top walk, where you’ll witness the mesmerising sun descend over Kanimbla Valley.

The remainder of the weekend will be a seamless flow of enriching experiences. You’ll indulge in three invigorating yoga classes, carefully crafted to suit beginners and intermediates alike. These sessions will provide you with a harmonious balance, leaving you feeling revitalised and centred. Alongside the yoga, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the majestic Blue Mountains through easy to moderate hikes, unveiling hidden waterfalls and awe-inspiring vistas at every turn.

Of course, nourishing your body is just as important as nurturing your spirit and you’ll be pampered with delicious and plentiful meals, specially prepared to energise and sustain you throughout the weekend.

Get 20% off the Women’s Blue Mountains Hiking & Yoga Escapes for 2024 using ‘HILLS20’ at checkout. Limited spaces are available. Book here.