Cherrybrook is a Hills suburb with lots of great options for families, whether you want to play, ride or walk! Here are our suggestions.

Walk: Cherrybrook

Swing Bridge Loop Walk

This great little bushwalk is perfect if you’re just starting out bushwalking. The sign describes it as ‘easy to slightly challenging’. There’s a good track for most of the way – it’s sandy and can be moist and slick with leaves so you do need to be a little careful as you walk, and small people may need to hold hands. There are also some steps along the way. It’s well marked and took us only about 20 minutes, but if you have small kids or are lingering a little more, it would be about half an hour or so. The swing bridge was built in 2023 and is very cool! It’s 50m long and connects Cherrybrook and Dural.

This is a loop walk of about 800m and has a couple of entry points. We entered at Keighran Place Cherrybrook but you can also enter at Fallon Drive Reserve Dural. Read more here.

Calicoma Walk

This is a beautiful bush walk located in Cherrybrook. It’s 5.1km and takes approximately 2 hours.  It’s more suitable for primary school aged kids, isn’t pram friendly and you can’t take your fur pals. The scenery is beautiful and includes lush forests and sandstone woodland. Kids will love the raised cylinder crossing stepping stones that take you across the river and the overhanging rocks. The track comes with mini challenges including climbing rocks, walking through big boulders, ducking over or under fallen trees and walking on bridges.You might even spot a mini waterfall. Read more here.

Play: Cherrybrook

The Lakes of Cherrybrook, Shepherds Drive

This playground had a much needed refurb a little while back and is now looking great. It’s opposite Cherrybrook Shopping Village and is fully fenced.

Lakes of Cherrybrook Playground Sydney

Darlington Reserve, Darlington Drive

If your child is a dinosaur fan then this playground will be right up their alley! The equipment is best for toddlers up to about 5 years old. There are dino eggs, a large dinosaur head, carved totem poles, a slide & swings, a climbing wall, stepping stones with dinosaur prints on them, a partially submerged serpent-like creature and a car which we presume you would go dino hunting in.  It’s fully fenced, although the locks are simple so you need to still keep a look out if you have an escape artist. There’s some shade from the surrounding trees as well as a generous sized covered hut.  There are no toilets.  Read more here.

Playground Dinosaur Theme in Cherrybrook Sydney

Appletree Park, Kanangra Cresent

After the old play structure suffered significant vandalism a while back, the area underwent a total revamp. The new play equipment is fab and lots of new trees have been planted, so as they grow it will be really pretty! There’s also lots of wide open space to run around or kick a ball and there are flat paths to scoot on too. The slide and main play structure are a great size for toddlers and there’s a variety of swings. The other plus is that you can get coffee at The Burrow Cafe within walking distance!

Appletree Park Cherrybrook Sydney

Gumnut Park, Corner of Gumnut and Holly Roads.

Gumnut Park – cute name huh? This park is pretty, has good equipment and a scooter path, some soft fall rubber and bark, a nice big patch of grass next to it, benches and is fully fenced. And there’s even some gym equipment if you fancy doing some chin ups while the kids play! The downsides – there are no toilets, it’s not close to refreshments and there’s no shade so it’s not great on a scorching hot day but perfect on a sunny winter’s one!

Edward Bennett Park, Edward Bennett Drive, Cherrybrook

This was one of our favourite parks when our kids were small but it’s looking tired these days. We think a refurb is on the cards though which would b fabulous. There are bbqs and toilets and the parking is easy. It’s an all round winner.


Ride: Cherrybrook

The riding options aren’t huge in Cherrybrook. For those who love a skate park, the Cherrybrook Skate Park located at Greenway Park is pretty popular.

Little rider ideas:

  • At Edward Bennett Park there is a little circle track that goes around the play equipment.
  • Gumnut Park has a path around it and would be great for beginners or toddlers to do a few laps.