It’s a fact – kids love trains! And with the Sydney Metro Northwest, Hills families have the mode of transport right here on our doorstep! There are 13 stations along the Metro North West Line, including 8 of the new metro stations right here in the Hills and 5 upgraded stations. So if you’re wanting to take little train fanatics on an adventure, here’s a list of parks and things to do by some of the stations. Note, the stations themselves are very impressive and worth a look too. Regarding parking, some station carparks do fill up on weekdays very early so you may need to consider this in your planning.


Macquarie University Station | Elouera Reserve Playground | Macquarie Centre

Jump on the North West line at your nearest station and disembark at Macquarie University Station which is across the road from Macquarie Centre. On your way drop past the cool playground at Eloura Reserve (Waterloo Road). Central to the playground is an art installation inspired by the Boronia flower, commonly found in Lane Cove National Park. But it isn’t just pretty, the two flowers are cubbies which illuminate at night, plus there’s a slide at one end and a bridge to traverse between flowers! There’s also a flying fox, built-in trampolines, two embankment slides with a soft play area to climb to the slides, six swings and a spinner. You can find out more about this playground here.

Macquarie Centre is just across the road for coffee and a spot of shopping! There are no toilets in the playground so you may need to factor in a loo stop at the station or Macquarie Centre.

Bella Vista Station |  Bella Vista Farm |  Bella Vista pocket park

There’s a new pocket park at Bella Vista Station and while it doesn’t have any play equipment as such, it could be a place to have a spot of morning tea in a brightly coloured outdoor area. The new playground at Bella Vista Farm Park has also just opened. If your kids can handle a bit of a walk up Lexington Drive this could be an option. You could entice them by stopping at one of the cafes in one of the business parks along the way for a milkshake and coffee!

Castle Hill Station | Castle Towers

Castle Hill Station is located directly across from Castle Towers. There’s a cute playground right by the station – it’s only small and is definitely for younger kids. There is no shade but if you visit in the cooler months rather than the height of summer, it can lovely in the sun! It’s not technically fenced but is set back from the roads in a landscaped area. You would need to watch kids though, as always.

Rouse Hill Station | Rouse Hill Town Centre

This is the station located directly opposite Rouse Hill Town Centre. You can catch the train here and then enjoy refreshments, a play in the playgrounds and a shop, followed by a train trip home.

Beecroft Station | Beecroft Train Playground | Beecroft Shops

To visit Beecroft you need to change trains at Epping. But it’s perfect if your child is keen to watch trains passing by as well. The Beecroft train playground sits right by the train line, has a train-watching platform and the play equipment is the shape of a train! There are plenty of great cafes around and Toys n Tales, an excellent toy shop, is also located in the little village. You can read more about visiting Beecroft here.

Pennant Hills Station | Wollundry Playground | Pennant Hills Library

On the same line as Beecroft but one stop further is Pennant Hills. This is a cute little spot with a nice playground, a great library and a shopping centre with cafes and a Harris Farm all in walking distance.

Chatswood Station | Chatswood Park | Chatswood Shopping Centres

This is the end of the North West Line. If you’re going by day you could check out the upgraded fully fenced Chatswood Park Playground. There are swings, built-in mini trampolines, an embankment slide and a rope climbing frame, slide and novelty kookaburra statue! There’s also a skate park adjacent. Chatswood is also home to some great yum cha restaurants if you’re keen for a bite to eat.

Epping Station | Boronia Park Playground

Boronia Park is a short walk from the Epping Station (across Epping Road using a pedestrian bridge). The playground is located in the middle of Boronia Park and has areas for older kids and younger kids and plenty of green space, shade and toilets! Grab a coffee on your way to the park.

Cherrybrook Station | Robert Park Playground

Just down the hill from Cherrybrook Station, on the corner of Robert and Dalkeith Roads is a little playground which is fully fenced – it’s not new and fancy however for small kids it would probably do the job. It’s a shame that some of other playgrounds in Cherrybrook aren’t in walking distance as there are a couple of awesome ones!


For more info, visit Sydney Metro’s Facebook page or plan your trip here.