As we draw closer to the end of 2016 we thought we’d look back at our most popular articles of 2016. This year the Hills District Mums website had over 610k views which is a 35% increase on last year! We love that mums are finding the site helpful and informative!

The top 5 most read articles of 2016 on were:

1. Christmas lights in the Hills

When you have 13k researchers at your disposal you manage to come up with a pretty comprehensive list of Christmas lights in the area! And based on the views of this article it appears that mums don’t like driving around aimlessly with overtired kids in the car just to happen across Christmas lights!


2. 5 fun and fabulous parks in the Hills

Parks. They’re a firm fixture in the weekly routine of basically every mum around. A good park can be the difference between little people that are happy and entertained versus whiney and bored. Our top 5 parks in the Hills piece is about to get even flashier with the Hills Shire Council announcing last week that they have joined forces with Touched by Olivia to upgrade the Bernie Mullane playground into a Livvi’s Playground. We couldn’t be more excited!


3. Breakfast in the Hills

Turns out mums love a breakfast out and there are lots of fab places in the Hills to try!


4. 20 pubs and restaurants with a playground in or near the Hills

And maybe mums also like a wine out too as this was fourth most viewed article! A playground or play area in a pub or restaurant means that mum and dad can usually enjoy a meal and drink in relative peace. And our list of local venues with this perk is very popular!


5. Cafes next to play areas

Oh, and maybe mums also like a coffee! A babycino or kids milkshake and a piece of toast can keep little ones busy for a little while but often they’re raring to go before you are. This is where cafes with play areas come in handy.