Water play parks are fabulous fun and a great way to cool down on warm days. We only have one playground with water play in the Hills but there are plenty close by. Here are some suggestions.

Livvi’s Place at Bernie Mullane, Marella Avenue, Kellyville

Livvi’s Place boasts a number of interactive spaces, including a shaded water play area, swings, a musical play walk and cool tunnel, picnic area and seating, climbing ropes, awesome in-built mini trampolines and so much more – all elements are real novelties for little people! The space is brightly coloured (it’s nice to see purples and aquas rather than the classic red, blue and yellow playground equipment) and invites kids to use their imagination. The existing playground is still there too which means there’s stacks to play on.

Importantly, the access to the area for disabled children is great, with wide flat paths and larger than normal gates. There are also heaps of disabled car spots right in front of the playground.

You can read more about this one here. The water play is currently available from 8am until 8pm September through to April.

Governor Phillip Park, George St, Windsor

This is a relatively new park by the Hawkesbury River and it’s great. And, drum roll please … there’s water play! We know how popular a water play area can be and we also know it’s not cheap – so well done Hawkesbury City Council for including it! It does run all the time and there’s a button to turn it on. You may want to pack a spare change of clothes because, even when it’s not that warm, it’s hard to convince little people to stay out of it – as we found out! You can read more about the park here.

Putney Park, 55 Pellisier Road, Putney

Putney Park

Situated on the banks of Parramatta River, this is a pretty spot and home to a fantastic shaded water play area ideal for older babies, toddlers and preschool aged children. For older children there’s a cool tube slide and large climbing net. Take a picnic morning tea, have a paddle and you could even take a ball to play on the grassed area nearby.

There are toilets right next door to the water play area and there’s also a smaller playground at the southern end of the park with equipment suitable for younger children.

More details can be found here.

Philip Ruddock Water Playground at Dundas Park (Curtis Oval), Dundas Valley

This is a lovely spot in the back streets of Dundas and from September to May the water playground is turned on from 9am to 8pm. The water park is shaded with shade sails and there are about 3 picnic tables that are covered. There are barbecue facilities and and a dry playground too. There are also a fair number of trees to sit under for shade. It’s next to an oval, so older kids can kick a ball around too. This one does have toilets which are about a 50m walk from the water park. You can read more here.

Ollie Webb Reserve, Parramatta

The playground at Ollie Webb Reserve is fabulous and it includes a water play area.  You can check out more details here. Water play is available from 9am to 8pm from September through to May.

Francis Park Blacktown Showground Precinct, Corner of Richmond Road and Balmoral Road, Blacktown

Water Play is available here in Summer from 9am to 6.30pm and in Autumn and Spring from 10am to 3.30pm. It includes a sheltered area with varying sized water troughs, a hand wheel water pump, concrete water maze, and spurts and sprays coming from all over. There are also two other playgrounds – a junior playground suited to 2-8 yr olds with a junior activity unit, swings, a rotating ball, play tables, balance beams and rubber mushrooms! And a senior playground for 6-14 year olds with a flying fox, balance cable and beams, climbing units, slides and more! There’s limited shade over the seated areas but it’s close to toilets – bonus!

Blaxland Riverside Park – Jamieson Street, Sydney Olympic Park

Photo credit: Brett Broadman/ Co-ordinated landscapes

This is a good one to combine with a visit to do other things as there’s a lot on offer at the park in general. The water play area is great as it can get very hot, so there’s a whole lot of spouts and spirts to cool you off. Shade is an issue, so make sure you bring plenty of sun screen and hats. In summer it gets super busy. Water play has been reduced given water restrictions and will now run from 1pm – 5pm.

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground – 45 Hassall Street (corner Parkes Street), Parramatta

The water play area is covered by shade sails and there are areas suitable for both little and big kids. From September to May the water playground is turned on from 9am to 8pm. Word of warning……..parking is limited here so you will likely need to park on a street nearby and walk.

Nurragingy – Located in the Wren Picnic Area in Nurragingy Reserve, Knox Road, Doonside

Photo credit: Libby Grant

Water play is available here in Summer from 9am to 6.30pm and in Autumn and Spring from 10am to 3.30pm.

The facilities feature a number of fountains, hoses and waterfalls to help you cool off while having fun. Parts of the water play area are shaded, however shade surrounding it is limited. There are toilets but they’re 200m away. There are plenty of trees for a quick bush wee though if things are desperate.

Livvi’s Place, Stockland Elara, Marsden Park

The $3.2 million all-inclusive, water-themed Livvi’s Place opened in 2019 at Marsden Park. Read more here. Water play is available here in Summer from 9am to 6.30pm and in Autumn and Spring from 10am to 3.30pm.

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