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Workout with your baby!

As a mum it can be hard to find the motivation to move your body or to attend a suitable exercise class without worrying about your baby.

Well, look no further!

At Empower Fitness Group, we’ve taken out the stress and inconvenience of having to find a babysitter when you want to workout. In fact, our trainer has created a class that is suitable for all fitness levels and even gone as far as including your child in the activities. But that’s not all! EFG also understands that mental health is just as important as physical health so we encourage our mums to grab a drink and mingle after class where you can get to know other local like minded mums.

Classes run Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9.30-10.30AM
Pebble Cres. Park, The Ponds

The Ponds
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I started Empower when my bub was 9 weeks old and it was the best desicion i ever made! i have made some life long friends and i love working out in the sun 🙂 Armita is so accomodating to however you feel on the day when it comes to training which i feel is exactly what you need as a Mum with sometimes such little sleep but just turning up is what counts! The Ponds is such a lovely community and Empower is something i really love attending, thank you Mums for keeping it going X

Sianne Burnell | 27/08/2023

Love Empower Fitness! It gets me motivated to exercise with my baby out in the sushine- and without the ridiculous costs! Its a judgement free space, our trainer is amazing and the chats & coffees after are lovely! Everyone is so welcoming and its toddler friendly too 🙂 Highly recommend!!!

Ash | 24/08/2023

The mums in this community have been so friendly and fun to workout with. I love that we go for coffee afterwards and everyone is so helpful and always up for a chat 😀 I feel so content after each class as it has been mentally and physically stimulating. My favourite thing is I have been able to bring my daughter to each class and never have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Samantha | 24/08/2023

Absolutely love Empower! It has been great to get out in the sunshine and get my body moving with other like minded mums, babies & toddlers. It is a lovely community i really enjoy being part of, everyone is very welcoming and accommodating if you need an extra hand with the kids.
The exercises can be done at a variety of levels to cater for everyones different needs. The boxing classes are amazing to let off that extra steam and get the blood pumping.

Sarah Canning | 24/08/2023

Absolutely love Empower, helps set me up for a great day and week! great community of mums and amazing trainer. Love squeezing in a workout with my kids without having to find a gym with creche etc and so nice being out at a park!

Mel | 24/08/2023

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